Samsung W200 Underwater Camcorder Plays Hi-Res Tough (USA+europe deal)

Despite the death of the Flip camcorder, Samsung today released the W200, a waterproof pocket cam.  In can submerge to a max depth of 3 meters and records full HD video thanks to its backlit 5 megapixel CMOS sensor with an F2.2 lens.  Dropping this sucker to the pavement shouldn’t be a problem either, as it can survive a 6 foot fall.  Last but not least is a 2.3-inch 230k LCD finished in anti-condensation coating that should insure that the screen never fogs up, a 1300mAh battery and an SD card slot.  Like all camcorders of  this style, Sammy has included a built-in USB arm making it easy to transfer photos and videos to your computer.

Expect it to launch this May for $159.
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