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One preacher said, "There's a man in debt, and one day came to her owner's debt, then knocked on the door. Furthermore, one of his sons opened the door for her. With a sudden, people were pushed in without greeting and respect, then held the collar homeowners saying to him, "Fear Allah, pay debt, debt, really I have more patience than I should, my patience has now run out, now you see what I did to you, O man!

At that moment the child to intervene, as tears flowed from his eyes when he saw his father on the condition insulted like that.

He said, "How much debt must be paid my father?"

He replied, "Seventy-thousand real."

Said the boy, "Take off my dad, calm down, cheer up, everything will be fine."

Then the kids go to her room, where he has collected a sum of money which is worth 27 thousand Real from his salary for the middle waiting for the wedding day. However, he was more concerned father and debts rather than leaving the money in her wardrobe. The child entered the room and then said to the owner of the debt, "This is a payment from my father's debt, worth 27 thousand Real, then will come rizki, and will we pay off the remainder soon in the near future God willing."

At that moment, the father cried and asked the man to return the money to his son, because he needed it, and he had no sin in this regard. The boy insisted that he was taking his money. Then remove the departure of the man at the door, asking him not to collect his father, and should he ask for the remaining debt to him personally.

Then the boy went to his father, kissed his forehead and said, "Father, father's position is greater than the money, everything will be replaced if Allah Almighty prolong our age, and grant us with health and 'afiyah. I can not bear to see what had happened, if I have any dependents who must pay the father, surely I will pay him, and I do not want to see any tears falling from both eyes of the father in this holy father's beard. "

Then the father embraced his son, while sesegukan because crying emotion, kissed him and said, "Hopefully Allah be pleased and give Taufiq thee, O my son, and realize all your ambition."

The next day, when the child is engrossed in his job duties, one of his companions who had not seen coming menziarahinya. After saying hello and asking about the situation, a friend had asked,

"Akhi (brother), yesterday, one company manager told me to find a Muslim man, trusted again have noble character who also has the ability to run a business. I did not find anyone I knew with the criteria that except you. So what do you think if we go together to see him this afternoon? "

Then his face lit up-binarlah child with joy, saying,

"Hopefully this is the prayer of the father, God Almighty has grant it."

So he had a lot of praise to God Almighty. At the time of the meeting in the afternoon, the manager does not see unless he felt calm and really believe him, and said,

"This is a man who was looking for."

Then she asked the child, "What is your salary?"

He replied, "Approaching the 5 thousand Real."

He said, "Go tomorrow morning, tell yourself resignation letter, your salary 15 thousand Real, bonus 10% of earnings, two times salary as a place and a car, and six months salary will be paid to improve the doing."

It is not the young man heard it, until he cried, saying, "Rejoice, O my father."

The manager asked him about the cause of his cries. So the young man told of what had happened two days earlier. So the manager was ordered to pay off the debts of his father. Is the result of its profit in the first year, no less than half a billion Real devote to both parents is part of the largest obedience, and form taqarrub to God Almighty the greatest.

With a dedication to both the graces will be lowered, all difficulties will be revealed. And God Almighty has been devoted to the link between both parents to monotheism, God Almighty says: "And your Lord has commanded that ye should not worship other than Him, and let you do good on your father's mother with the best. If one of them in old age pemeliharaanmu, then do not ever say to them saying 'ah' and do not yell and say to them they are noble words. "[QS. Al-Israa '. 23]

In the shahihahin, from the hadeeth of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud radi 'anhu said, "I once asked the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wasallam," Charity is the most loved by God? "Then he replied," Prayers in time. "I say again , "Then what?" He replied, "devoted to both parents." I said, "Then what?" He replied, "Then jihad in Allah's way." [ Bukhari & Muslim]

From Umar radi 'anhu, he said, "I heard the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wasallam said," There will come upon you Uwais bin 'Amir along with Yemen's population of Murad later than Qorn. He used hairpiece illness, then recover from it except as wide dirham coins. He's got a dutiful mother who used her to him. If he were to swear in the name of God, must be fulfilled. So if you can afford him beristighfar for you, then do it. "[HR. Muslim]

It also Hiwah bin Syuraih, he was one of the Imam of the Muslims and the famous scholars. He sat on halaqohnya teach humans. Various Talib (student of knowledge) came to him from all places to hear from him. Then one day his mother told him, when he was in the midst of his disciples, "Stand O Hiwah, chicken feed." Then he got up and left the study.

Know O beloved brethren, that includes the doors of heaven are Babul Walid (Door dutiful to parents). So do not lose the door, is surely meant in obeying your parents. By Allah, baktimu against both included among the causes of happiness in the world hereafter.

I ask God Almighty for giving taufik me and all Muslims to devote to both parents and do good to both. Wallahu a `lam

Source By : Syaikh Mamduh Farhan al Buhairi Hafizhahullah
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