Problems At Work How Clutches and clutch

Clutch system that we will discuss here is the manual clutch system, hereinafter we call the clutch alone.

Here is an important component of the image is shown supporting the clutch, in order: Fly wheel or flywheel, or clutch plate Clutch disc, Clutch cover or dekrup and Clutch release bearing or Drek lava.

 The composition in the car are:

How Clutches Work:

Fly wheel or flywheel forward and store energy from Crank Saft (crutch as) the machine when the machine live (rotating), clutch plates become the sole intermediary with the engine power that ultimately we Porseneling power will be transferred to the wheels. Dekrup While working as a regulator when the engine power in forward and when engine power is not transmitted, this is done by our feet when stepping on or off the clutch pedal through intermediaries Drek lava.

Note: dekrup tied with 6 (usually) on the fly wheel bolts. charger plate clutch into the middle between the fly wheel with dekrup. In the center there is a hole toothed clutch plate which will go into the blender As the successor to the power of the clutch plate Gearbox porseneleng.

When the foot does not step on the clutch pedal

When our feet are not the clutch, with a view over the bearing arrangement dekrup will push the clutch plate against the fly wheel so that it was as though Fly wheel, clutch plate and dekrup into a single unit as a rigid object. so that when the fly wheel spinning 10rpm so is the plate koplingnya. In this manner power from the engine can be transferred into the Gearbox porseneleng (through as a blender), which in turn transmitted to the wheels.

When the foot pedal clutch:

When we stepped on the foot clutch pedal, then push the nail dreklahar / lever from dekrup so that pressing dekrup bearing plate clutch and flywheel lifted. when taken up this position is said to Free / unhampered. Where is the rotation of the flywheel is not followed by a rotation of the clutch plate. so that power from the engine was not until the gearbox perseneleng. At this time the gearshift is from porseneleng to dilakukan.Didalam gearbox porseneleng power from the engine is set so that according to the needs of the driver via the gear ratio.

Clutch Problems

Hard to enter the tooth: this may be caused by several things, before they can know the source of the damage we have to know ciri2 or gejala2 happened. Gejala2 that may occur include:

    * Difficult entry Vosneling teeth well when engine is turned off and in turn: this means that there are faults in mechanical systems pengoper teeth this can be a stick that has been oblak, gear shift cable or cord that is damaged or broken teeth or pengoper mechanism inside the gearbox.

    * Clutch hard into gear only when the engine in turn or turned on, but easier if the engine is turned off: in this case there are 2 possible damage to the first one is damage occurred on the driving mechanism of clutch release bearings are: master clutch up and down, or the clutch cable is still using cables, Fork / fork clutch crack, bushing or fork and clutch release bearing or drek lava itself. The second possibility is damage to the Clutch cover or dekrup, there are usually additional ciri2 if damage occurs in your dekrup which will usually be more difficult to enter the teeth again after traveling a considerable distance or conditions dekrup already hot, teeth will be more difficult on the move.

    * Clutch vibrate when you first want the road: 90%, this is because the use of the clutch plate Clutch disc or less nice (pantekan or a cheap imitation), 10% fly wheel bumpy.

    * The sound of the engine (high rpm) but the car ga want to run (acceleration of less): 80%, this happens because your platkopling already thin, and even worse will arise smell "sangit" when we are forced to accelerasi. 20% Fly wheel wear or "legok" this usually happens because the use of the clutch plate is not good enough danger of (imitation).

    * There was suara2 of transmission: there is some kind of noise that may arise in the transmission antaralain

         1. The sound of Clutch Release Bearings = sound of drek this lava will be heard when we step on the clutch when the engine life, and will lose her voice when we release the clutch.

         2. Sound Pilot bearing ='ll hear when the machine is turned on, even if we step on the clutch or not.

         3. The sound on the road = if the above sounds can be heard without the movement of vehicles, this third type of sound that can only be heard when the vehicle do the movement. This sound comes from the bearings inside your gearbox.

         4. Swish in a particular tooth = this is happening because there is damage to the tooth pairs that sound is likely to be worn or chipped teeth so as to provide air cavity that can cause swish.

If you have problems outside of the symptoms I mentioned please ask tau contact the nearest garage.
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