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In Medina there is a beautiful woman Shalihah more cautious. When the evening began to creep toward the middle, he always rose from her bed to pray to God night and bermunajat. No matter the time it was summer or winter, because that's where happiness lies and ketentramannya. That is when he khusyu 'pray, humble ourselves to the Creator, and will berpasrah life and death to Him.
He is also very diligent in fasting, but was traveling. Her beautiful face lit by the light of faith and sincerity of his heart. One day a man came to ask for her hand, said he included a devout man of worship. After prayers istiharah he finally received the proposal. As the local customs, the wedding ceremony begins at twelve the night until dawn call to prayer. But she was just asking the ceremony finished at twelve precisely, it must reside in her husband's house. Only a mother who knows the secret. Everyone ta'jub. Party of his own family tried to persuade her to change his mind, but she was still on his wish, he even insisted on going to cancel the marriage if the requirement is rejected. Finally, despite the disgruntled party men's family agreed to request the girl.

Time flies, it was time that anticipated by the bride and groom. When a meaningful and exciting for anyone who would start a new life. It was nine o'clock. Prayer 'Barakallahu baaraka alaika wa wa laka jama'a bainakuma FII khairin' flowing from the invitation to make a pair of newlyweds. The bride looks so beautiful. When the husband met terpancarlah rays of light and ablution of the face. Duhai woman more beautiful than the moon, really lucky, O thou man, get a wife who is so holy, faithful and Shalihah.

Hours begin to approach the number twelve, according to the agreement when the husband would bring his wife into his home. The husband holds his wife's hand while driving, accompanied by a variety of mixed feelings toward the new home to their expectations. Especially his wife hope to live a life filled with sincerity and devotion to God.

Arriving there, the wife asked her husband permission to enter their room. Rooms that he longed to build his dreams. Where in the room of worship will be upheld and become a place where she and her husband perform prayer and worship together. His view combing the entire room. Smile accompanied her husband watching her views.

His smile faded instantly, his heart was so choked up, the clear eyes fell on a mandolin lying in the corner. The woman could hardly believe. This nyatakah or just a mirage? O God, that song? Oh no, it is a musical instrument. His mind had suddenly become chaotic. How do people actually saying the truth about the man who has now become her husband. Oh ... all the fancy-angannya become vacant, he was very hurt. Almost tears spilled. Seek forgiveness, he repeatedly say, Alhamdulillah 'ala kulli halin. "Yes nevertheless faced alhamdulillah. Only Allah is Knower of all mysteries. "

He looked at her husband with a red face of shame and sadness, and feeling concerns menyelubung stack. "Oh God, I must be strong and courageous, good attitude to the husband is the path of my life." She said softly in his heart. She was hoping, God will give guidance to her husband through his hands.

They began to engage the conversation, though still dibaluti reluctance, shame mingled happily. Time passed until the night almost over. The husband like enchanted by the charm of her beauty. He muttered to himself, "When she was changing clothes, getting her beauty really shine. I had never imagined any of this beautiful woman in this world. "When it was third last night, Allah Ta'ala sent to her husband drowsiness. He could no longer survive, he finally falls asleep. Blowing his breathing is so irregular. The wife immediately enveloped by a thick blanket, and kissed his forehead gently. After that he immediately pushed mushalla nostalgia to her and hurried to the place of worship with floating hearts.

The husband said, "I do not know why I was so sleepy, whereas before I really want to stay up. I've never slept this sepulas. Until finally I found my wife was no longer beside me. I got up with sleepy eyes to find my wife. Perhaps he was ashamed that choose to sleep in another room. I immediately opened the door to the next room. Dark, lonely no sound at all. I walked slowly to worry wake. I saw his face shining in the darkness, the beauty of the magic and thrill my soul. Not physical beauty, because he was in the contest worship. O Allah, he indeed did not leave his evening prayers, including the wedding night. Kupertajam vision. He is bowing, prostrating and reciting verses long. He was bowing and prostration for a long time. He stood before his Lord with his hands raised. It's the most beautiful scenery ever witnessed. He was very beautiful in kekhusyu'annya, more beautiful than when wearing wedding clothes and bed clothes. Really now I really love her, with all the soul body. "

After the prayer she looked toward her husband. Her hand gently holding her hand and stroked her hair. By Jove, Subhan Allah, this woman was incredible. His love of the husband, did not eliminate his love to his first love, namely worship. Yes, the worship of God, the Lord who became his mistress. Until next month she continued to perform his habit, while her husband spends his nights to stay up, play musical instruments that were like stay up and have fun. He opened the door slowly and hear the reading of the Qur'an is so evocative serene heart. Slowly and carefully he entered the next room. Dark and quiet, he sharpen his vision and saw his wife was praying. He approached her with a gentle but quick. The breeze caressed her face. O God, feeling like the man has been exposed. Especially when I heard her praying, crying. Tears flow like a pearl beads that adorn the face beautiful.

Severe shaking of his body, where during the time he left, leaving a loving wife? It was much different with his wife, between soul wallowing in sin with the soul sparkling in the garden of pleasure, in the presence of his Lord.

He was crying, her tears could not hold. A moment later the call to prayer at dawn. The man begged forgiveness of his sins over the years, he then performed the dawn prayer with kehusyuan who have never done in his life.

This is the fruit of prayer Shalihah woman who always pleaded for her husband's kindness, his life companion.

Several years later, any form of repentance he flows in the form of lectures, sermons, and advice is conveyed by spoken language. Yes he has now become the great preachers in the city of Medina.

True, women Shalihah is precious treasure and the most expensive for a righteous man. For a husband, wife Shalihah is a priceless jewel of his life and "no ordinary jewel." (Umm Asyrof from a collection of true story, Abdul Razak bin al-Mubarak)
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