Passion, Purpose and PROFIT!

Is internet marketing ethical? Can you really sell tons and tons of stuff, and make load of money working online, and STILL be true to your values and principles? Aren't the people who are really "crushing it" online....those that are playing loose and fast with the rules, or don't have the same moral standards as the rest of us?

Want the TRUTH?

The answer to that question....unfortunately, often is YES! There are lots of people who have made a fortune online selling all sort of services that are scams, or bilked people out of money through recurring credit card billing practices ("cooly" called forced continuity in our line of work..:-) and all sorts of other unseeingly, and unfortunately...UNETHICAL practices.

But the good news is this:

At the end of the day, those who practice that sort of marketing, or business practices eventually get called out, and when that happens.....everything they've accumulated seems to disappear pretty quickly, thanks to pretty aggressive laws when it comes to preying on the public.

And the even BETTER news is this:

The fact is, there are THOUSANDS of people, just like you, who are doing their life's TRUE work, enjoying themselves beyond all imagination and making a fortune online to boot.

For example?

I work with people who are life coaches, who get to help people each and every day.....on the telephone and often from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away, and make a strong 6 figure income from doing it.

I see people who are financial consultants, and accountants, and nutritionists, and yoga teachers and even martial arts instructors who have PARLAYED their passion into perpetual piles of profit, simply by taking what they love and codifying it into a curriculum, and selling that content to folks across the globe who gobble it up in big bites.

You can start a BLOG, around whatever it is that makes you come ALIVE, and if you follow a simple system and have a little bit of patience, you can literally become a rock start in your niche, or area of expertise in 6 months or less, all while doing what it is that you were born to do.

Marketing......when infused with passion, and a sense of purpose, and an overarching ETHOS, is not only very financially's also the most ethical way for YOU to share your gifts with the masses. (and I hope, after reading this, that is exactly what you do next!)
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