Nokia X7 Photos Leaked

Nokia X7 Photos Leaked
Two photos isn’t much, but in this case, and not in the case of the Yeti, two photos have been proven enough to confirm the existence of Nokia’s X7 gaming phone.

AT&T is in on the deal, as their badge features prominently on the phone, making it the first Symbian^3 device to surface on the network.

With four speakers at the helm, the X7 will pump up more volume than a whole choir of your regular, wimpy, non-gaming phones, and with inside specs probably similar to the N8’s, it will have enough ooooomph for 3D games.

Also similarly to the N8, its resolution will be stuck at 640×360, although the X7 will have it spread over a larger, 4 inch screen.

No pricing or delivery information is available as of yet.
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