Nokia N8 002S525 Unlocked Smartphone with 12MP Camera

Nokia N8 002S525 Unlocked Smartphone with 12MP Camera
Dell Small Biz is offering this Nokia N8 002S525 Unlocked Smartphone with 12MP Camera (Green) for a further reduced price!

Nokia’s new N8 Smart phone has a slew of new features, the first notable being the High Definition 720p video recording right off the phone itself. It also can snap images quickly and easily at a whopping 12 Megapixels resolution which can all be uploaded easily to share with friends and family as soon as they have been taken! The phone can easily be connected to a TV or computer to playback or upload recorded videos as well for even more convenience.

The N8 also packs on a full 3.5-Inch touch screen display which then can become a fully capable GPS packed with voice-guided navigation from ovi maps with 3D location sensors. You can also share your locations with friends and family right from the phone easily.

Ovi app store provides and new and intuitive way to get apps to your phone and also features an attractive and modern design so you can show it off wherever you go.

Also can connect to Home-theater to output full Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround to further enhance the HD experience!

The final price comes to $499.99 – $170 Coupon (F05TKKH7X4S53V) + Free Shipping = $329.99!
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