iPhone 4 "White to arrive in Spring" 2011-2012

In April Ecuador and from next May on the horizon, Apple confirms that in this spring season fans albino models of Apple smartphone can "dress" the new white iPhone 4. Ten months is how long that lasted the "birth" of 4 white iPhone since its existence made known and the fans suffered manzáfonos albinos have had to wait. Finally since Apple has officially marked the spring 2011 release date, just as they had said in October 2010 and as recently, Phil Schiller, vice president of product marketing at Apple, was filtered through twitter. iPhone 4 White to arrive in Spring 2011

One day indefinitely this spring, the iPhone 4 White flourish "
As already announced in October, and although it has tried to pass its release, will end up in the weeks ahead will be in stores but the Cupertino company has declined to comment on what will be the first carrier to offer that day. Although, considering the history of the company, will launch first in the U.S. to skip the rest of the world then it is easy to foresee that both AT & T and Verizon offer it first.

Ten months of delays, cancellations alleged rumors and up
It was back in June 2010 when we saw for the first time, a unit of 4 white iPhone in the hands of Steve Jobs himself, which made us dream of a joint launch of both versions, as has happened with the iPad 2.

A bigger challenge than expected
However, almost a year later, Apple has admitted that "the manufacture of 4 white iPhone was a bigger challenge than expected." Twice, first in February and then along the iPad launch in March 2, has delayed the launch of the phone with the company's subsequent apology for their suffering users.

First the problems inherited from his brother in black, especially the so-called "antennagate" then the various incidents in the manufacture of white case and the problems handling the huge market demand, both smartphones, with CDMA model included , as tablets, which Apple sold only in the last quarter of 2010 friolerade 16.2 million iPhones, 86% more than in the previous year have been the cause of delays.

A delay, perhaps on purpose
However, many suggest that the delay in the next generation with the iPhone in May, already has gone to September 2011, have to wait a few weeks to match Apple's iPhone out of 4 white in summer and demand and maintain your Cupertino with an attractive model. Recently, Apple confirmed that its traditional summer conference there would be no announcement regarding the company's hardware, focusing only on updates to their software platforms, IOS and MacOS, so movement is not unreasonable.
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