Hp Pavilion dv6t (XW898AV) Quad Core i7 Edition 15.6-inch Notebook

If you’re looking to get your hands on a super fast laptop at a bargain price then look no further! This HP Pavilion dv6t laptop features a compact 15.6-Inch LED High Definition screen to display all of your most demanding computing applications and media with style. It is powered by top of the line components including a blazing fast Intel ‘Sandy Bridge’ i7-2630QM 2.00GHz (Turbo to 2.9) Quad Core processor which can handle even the toughest applications with ease, Powerful ATI Radeon 6490M Video card to chew through even the most demanding HD video and games and huge 8GBs of RAM for multitasking like a pro. To make it even better it is packed with a huge 1TB drive which can store everything you need and then some!

The coupon deal comes to $1149.99 – $350 Coupon (NB6489) + Free Shipping = $799.99!
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