How to Learn Kids Basketball Coaching Techniques | Update 2011

Being a mentor to a child is a rewarding experience even if it is just for a couple of hours a week. For many kids involved in sports such as basketball, their coach can be a positive influence teaching them discipline and teamwork at a young age. So, learning coaching techniques to teach basketball is beneficial to both the coach and players in the long run.
1. Study basic basketball skills and drills that emphasize each skill. The fundamentals to focus on are ball handling, dribbling, passing, footwork, lay-ups and defensive stance. Sources to use to help understand the basic elements of basketball are coaching books, youth basketball organizations, basketball clinics, experienced coaches and DVDs.

2. Create a coaching philosophy that includes providing a safe physical environment, communicating in a positive way, teaching basketball skills and fundamentals, directing players in a game situation, helping players value fitness and helping players develop character.

Determine coaching goals. For youth sports, the emphasis is typically on having fun, helping players develop, teaching team skills and winning. Remain positive when trying to reach goals.

4. Review and incorporate different teaching techniques to create the most comfortable coaching style. One traditional style is to teach and repeat drills before playing games. The goal of this method is to make sure the player is familiar with and has some level of mastery prior to trying to use it in a game-type experience. Another teaching style is the "games" approach that focuses on playing a game, learning tactics and then teaching the skills. The "games" approach helps young players learn how and when to apply their new basketball skills.

5. Practice coaching techniques for introducing individual skills. When teaching a skill, get players' attention by telling them the name of the skill in an enthusiastic, slightly louder than normal tone and looking them in the eye. Perform the skill and explain the skill's usefulness.

6. Keep open communication with parents. Give them contact information, goals for the basketball season, how to volunteer for the team, philosophy on playing time and any associated costs. Providing this information at the first practice should lay the groundwork for a good relationship throughout the season.
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