How To Learn Basketball Easily

To learn the game easily, one must first learn to know the simple basic skills in playing. You do not need to master all the skills in order to know how to play. If you have enough knowledge in the game it will be easy for you to play and enjoy the game even if you do not mastered the skills like most NBA players do or professional players.

There are 2 lessons needed to learn to in order to know how to play the game and these are the things you see in every game you watch in television or live in the basketball arena. The first lesson is the offensive position, this is compose of free throw shooting, shooting, layup, passing/assist, offensive rebounding, and dribbling. The second lesson is the defensive position, this is composed of defensive rebounding, stealing, and blocking shot.

Below are the two lessons with it's corresponding meanings.

Offensive position:

Shooting - this is to shoot the ball inside the rim from a far position.
Free throw shooting - this is to shoot the ball without a defensive opponent.
Layup - this is to shoot the ball inside the rim but in a more closer position.
Dribbling - this is to put the ball in a bouncing action.
Passing/assist - this is to pass the ball to a fellow teammate.
Offensive rebounding - this is to grab back the ball after it has been shot by jumping during an offensive position.
Defensive position:

Blocking shot - this is to block the ball of the opponent upon release or during the shot.
Stealing - this is to steal the ball from the dribbler or the offensive opponent.
Defensive rebounding - this is to grab the ball away from the offensive opponent by jumping during a defensive position.
Having enough knowledge of the game makes it easier for you to play the game. Knowing what's it all about and what are the skills to practice, you will be able to apply it first in your own backyard or in any STREET BALL GAME, so that you will be able to put this into action.

Trini F. LaspiƱas is a former varsity player in H.S. at Saint Paul College Dumaguete and a collegiate varsity player at COSCA.
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