How to Coach Basketball Drills for Beginners

Coaching basketball can be a very challenging task. In teaching youngsters to play, it may be harder to get the lessons of the game across then when coaching baseball and football. Basketball takes coordination and quick thinking to play at an acceptable level, and children may have a difficult time learning how to dribble with their heads up.

1. Work on dribbling skills. Set up a series of five chairs every 4 feet. Give each player on your team a ball and have them line up single file. Have the players dribble around each chair to build skill. They need to dribble to the right of the first chair, the left of the second, the right of the third chair and continue on in that manner before turning around. Have your players keep their heads up as much as possible and not look down at the ball as they dribble.

2. Have your players work on passing. The teams that know how to pass effectively have the best chance of winning. This is great to coordinate with dribbling drills. Have your players take the ball at midcourt and take three dribbles downcourt before passing it to a teammate standing at the free-throw line. Learning how to pass crisply will lead to scoring opportunities.

Do defensive drills to help your players play consistently at that end of the court. While offensive basketball is about creativity and talent, defensive basketball is about hard work and anticipation. The most most important thing is to learn how to move your feet correctly. Teach the side-to-side shuffle. Players who cross their feet while playing defense tend to lose their balance and trip. Learning to move your feet quickly while shuffling and then extending your arms will make a player a tough defensive player.

4. Install shooting workouts at every practice. You put points on the board by scoring and you score by shooting accurately. Give each player five shots at five spots on the court every day in practice. Start at the right baseline, follow at the right elbow of the free-throw line, then the top of the key, the left elbow of the free-throw line and the left baseline. You have to practice with the correct technique in order to improve.

5. Do conditioning drills at the start of every practice. Basketball is a demanding and physical game and you need to be in shape in order to play. Start off at the baseline and have your players run to the near free-throw line and back, midcourt and back, the far free-throw line and back and then the far baseline and back. Have them do this at least twice every practice.
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