Great Britain basketball team to learn their fate after vote in Lyon

Great Britain may believe that they have already done enough to justify their place as hosts in next year’s Olympics Basketball competition but on Sunday in Lyon their fate will be decided by a vote of the central board of FIBA, the world governing body.

It is the first time the participation of the host nation has been called into question and the vote comes despite Britain exceeding three performance criteria since they reformed and started playing again in 2007.
FIBA has now, very late in the day, switched the entire emphasis on to the long term legacy of the game in Britain, its financial health and structure going forward and the development plans that have been put in place.
On Sunday the 23-man panel will vote, with some involved representing countries who covet a place in London next summer. Anything could happen.
“It would be a sin, nothing less, if FIBA vote not to allow Great Britain to compete at the Olympics next year,” says Pops Mensah Bonsu, who averaged 13.5 rebounds and 19 points again in Britain’s Eurobasket qualifying campaign last summer.
“I’m frustrated that it has even come to this but I would be extremely angry indeed and feel badly let down by the sport if the vote went against us in Lyon.
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