Electric Bike Achieves 300km on a Single Charge (SORA-Touchscreen)

All electrics cars might suffer in the range department, but motorcycles, that’s a different story.  Not only are they generally less expensive, but they’re faster and lighter, making them ideal for electric power.

The SORA is one of the first all electric bikes that we’ve had the pleasure of laying eyes on that boasts a range of 300km (180 miles) and a top speed of 200kmh (120mph).  An integrated range system automatically manages energy consumption to insure that you arrive at your desired destination and the 5.7-inch touchscreen GPS system adds another level of tech flare to the whole package. 

A regenerative braking system is present as is “the world’s first ever electric motorbike seat”, which apparently lets you change your position on the fly.  The design is striking and as you can see there is only a suspension system supporting the rear wheel, while the rest of the bike is crafted from carbon fiber fairing and aluminum.

To completely recharge the bike you’ll need to be able to spare 8 hours.  Reasonable considering that’s how long most humans sleep.

If you wanna take a test drive you’ll have to head up to Canada.  No word on price at this time.
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