Differences Microsoft Office 2007 Vs 2010

The release of Microsoft Office 2010 is fast approaching and many are asking questions whether it is worth it to upgrade. It is not cheap to upgrade to 2010 so in order to make the move you would need to know exactly what differences you will get and what are the benefits of Microsoft 2010. This article will outline some of the key differences you should know in order to help you make the right decision when upgrading or not. Office 2007 brought the introduction of the ribbon which is the menu bar at the top section of the screen. Whilst it was poorly received initially because it strayed away from the button menu toolbar that was so prominent in the predecessors. It has become essential to the use of Microsoft Office and has become far more practical for users once the learning curve has been overcome.

The biggest upgrade to Office 2010 is the increase in utilization of the new menu system. Microsoft Office 2010 has taken that ribbon's success and has built on it to stretch it across all products in the range including Outlook and OneNote which were previously still using an older menu system. The new ribbon which was blue in 2007 is now a standard white in 2010 but can be easily changed to which ever you prefer. Initially you will have the white ribbon but you can still switch to the old button style if you still have not yet liked the new style.

With the release of Windows 7 in late 2009 has meant that Office 2007 did not utilize all of the features of the new operating system. The new features of 2010 office do use the new platform with a new set of icons to be able to be read along the task bar so you can easily switch between. You can also see previews of the work to find what you are working on just by moving your cursor over the application icon.

New templates and layouts are now available in Office 2010 because as you would know if you have been using 2007 a lot that you keep using the same title pages you can now be happy to know that Microsoft Office 2010 has provided a range of new templates with improved functionality for users.

In summary Office 2010 improves on the great office suite that 2007 is and gives users more potential uses with the integration of the menu bar across all of the suite now.
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