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Communication - is one of the main directions of digital technology today. Every week many firms invent new telecommunication systems in order to give people possibility to communicate with each other at any time. The sphere of current importance today is technology called VoIP telephony.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) - is one way people are making and receiving telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection rather than a regular phone line. VoIP converts your phone call into a digital signal that travels through the Internet to the person you is calling. Most services using VoIP allow you to call anyone with a telephone number — including local, long distance, cellular, and international numbers.

Today, this service is provided by many companies such as Vonage, MagicJack,, Packet 8, Nextiva etc., Skype, Gizmo Project, Fring, Mobivox. Let's have a look at a company that is rapidly seizes market of VoIP telephony – Magic Jack.

MagicJack is one of the local phone companies, which has contracts about traffic exchange with 49 states. MagicJack is a very simple and user friendly way to make VoIP phone calls for practically no cost. For twenty dollars a year MagicJack customers are able to make calls from the U.S. and Canada to anywhere in the world.

Unlike all analogues, to use which you will need a microphone and headphones, MagicJack is a compact device that has the size of a matchbox. It connects to one of USB ports on your PC. On the main body of MagicJack there is a socket for connecting a landline phone or a DECT base unit. The device allows you to make voice calls, provides users with a number of additional services, including the function of call waiting and forwarding, 911 call, conference calls, voice mail, as well as integration with Microsoft Outlook. As for tariffs, MagicJack has a fixed price of $ 19.95 per year or $ 59.95 per year, that is why there is a huge demand.

Nowadays MagicJack is completely compatible with the following operation systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Seven, Mac OS. Also the company works out a new version of its product for so popular Linux OS and for the newest operation system called Google Chrome OS.
Installing MagicJack is very straightforward, just attach and wait for it load (takes a while, so be patient). If it is your first time, it will ask you to activate MagicJack device, choose number, blah blah blah, just follow the wizard, it's self explanatory unless you are an idiot. A simple interface will appear that will state that it is ready to accept calls. Attach your phone to the RJ11 phone jack, then dial away. To turn off, just remove the MagicJack. After that, using MagicJack is as simple as attaching the USB device and calling.

Summing up, I can say that this device and the technology of MagicJack itself look promising. The only obvious disadvantage of this method of communication is that you need to have your PC turned on, but for someone such things are not problem for them
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