Car Electrical System Guide

Getting a car is a dream that is not fussy all buyers mobkas. But not infrequently happens mobkas has encountered a problem on the electrical system.

Have you ever see incidents such as the following when hunting mobkas? Rays bright lights fade when gassed, and dimmed when the gas pedal is released. Or the engine room is full of extra cables fitted to the origin.

These characteristics could be a sign mobkas you see it has a problem in the electrical system.

In general basis mobkas electricity from 12 volt system you are unidirectional, which serves as a power source battery and alternator that fills the back of electricity used so that the battery still has power reserves even though there are loads of use.

Car electrical systems are also generally apply the negative ground. This means that the battery negative pole is connected directly to the car body so that all car parts made of metal contains the same negative with the negative pole battery.

In mobkas that has been aged for more than five years, many problems begin because the cable that age eat. Usually the wires become brittle, and its ability to supply power to be reduced.

There are various ways that can be used to discover if the electricity of a car is still relatively healthy or not. Of the many ways, the easiest and most popular is to use the voltmeter. If you want to do it yourself, you should use a digital voltmeter so you are easier to analyze the results.

Here's How:

   1. Check the voltage at the battery when the engine died. A good battery will indicate voltage between 12-13 volts.


   2. To check the alternator, start the engine and all electrical devices, such as large lighting, audio, air conditioning, heating glass and others. Measure the voltage at the battery. Alternator is still healthy would make the battery voltage at least 12.8 volts figures.


   3. Check voltage at some point where there is a positive power, such as the coil, the lights, cigarette lighters, and other components. Find the section that allows you to check the voltage of electricity.

Should the voltage difference is no more than 0.5 volts. If the voltage figures shown far adrift from the battery, it can be said the car had electrical problems. For example there is interference on the cable circuit.

Checking Electricity Quickly

There are times when want meninang mobkas, you are unsure of the condition kelsitrikannya system. Here are some tips so you can avoid the problem of electricity.

   1. Check the engine room. If a lot of extra wires that are not standard and not so neat in the engine room of the electrical likely mobkas your target is problematic.

      Check the positive (+) battery, if the terminal has a lot of extra cables, then this indicates the number of additional accessories that require electricity. It is also a sign that many of the electrical system be bypassed.


   2. Check all electrical components, such as lights, air conditioning, power windows, and others. When these components work perfectly then it is probable that the car electrical system is also still good.


   3. In full load condition by turning on the AC, lights, audio, and other components, increase the spin machine. When changes are significant bright lights, or electric fan rotation to grow fast, there is amsalah with electricity supply from the alternator. Be prepared to pay for reconditioned alternator.

Solution To Electricity diseased

1. Negative cable or grounding system

Negative cable is often forgotten. Generally, the manufacturer just put the negative cable which is channeled directly into the engine block, then the engine block connected to the body or chassis with the smaller cable.

At the age mobkas negative cable should be added to several other points in the body, chassis, and engine block to overcome the conductivity of the cable began to eat less because of age. In addition, the age of the car also affects the ability of the body plate and other metal components to deliver a negative electrical current to the whole car.

You can also use the grounding system kits are available in the market. This series has a few wires so that the distribution of negative electricity in the car can be more evenly.

2. Alternator less strong

In general the car has an alternator around 60-70 Amperes, and the most adapted to the large capacity battery. But the wear and tear can affect the ability of the alternator produce electrical current so that power is reduced than they should.

The solution is to rebuild your alternator. If possible replace the alternator with a greater power from the battery. Suppose your car battery has a capacity of 65 Ah, then seek to power 90 Ampere alternator.

It aims to anticipate the power supplies on mobkas which generally has an additional electrical load. For example, lamps with higher power consumption or audio systems, while also loss due to quality cables with age. Altenator strong also because it can relieve batteries work quickly filled when backup power is used, so that battery life could be longer.

3. Relay kit

Many owners who take shortcuts mobkas to overcome the loss of power on the wire with the relay kit. Relay working principle of this kit is to take over power supply lines built car, so that electrical current is taken directly from the battery. In this way the risk of loss due to voltage cables can be reduced with age.

The downside is, if the installation is not neat, it can lead to short circuit. Should the relay be installed by the usual mechanical menagani electrical system. Generally these kits relay mounted on a headlamp or motor starter.

4. Connection cable

On cars that are less good care often found the cable series that functions to bypass an electrical system. In principle, this method can not be justified for security reasons.

The correct way is to describe the cables and find the source of the damage. To fix the cable should be replaced in their entirety. The best solution is to replace the whole set of original cable with the cable harness. But in terms of cost, this method somewhat expensive.

The solution is to replace the damaged cables are intact. When replacing, ideally cable connections soldered and wrapped with insulation burned, so the connection can be closed perfectly.

5. There must be no leakage current

Leakage currents are sometimes difficult to detect. If the alternator and a healthy car battery, but battery power reserve runs out fast, not too fast pointing capability to save battery power is bad.

Check first if there is leakage currents that cause the battery drained even though the engine and other equipment are switched off. When this happens, you should go to the garage that it knows about your car's electrical system for the problem can be resolved down to its roots.

Please note, if this is didiamkam conditions, then you put a time bomb. Since electricity consumption is not detected is tantamount to a short circuit in the car.
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