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I was recently rear ended leaving a parking lot and need some advice. There was damage done to my car and a police report was filed. When I had the person who hit me insurance adjuster come out to give me a quote, he deducted previous unrelated damage from my claim. The previous damage was on the rear passenger side of the car and new damage I am filing claim for is on the rear driver side of the car and the only closely related damage is the very bottom plastic bumper that was cracked on both ends (which I would understand if they split the cost of that)…..but in the quote they gave to me they gave a quote to repair both new and old damage, deducting the old damage from the new damage and the numbers just aren’t adding up! They quoted the new damage to be $639.22 in repairs and the old damage to be $353.31 in repairs, but where they show the total for every thing the totals are now showing new damage $656.03 in repairs and old damage $370.12 in repairs which equals $285.91. But when comparing the notes on quotes for the repair the previous damage repair does not include the bottom bumper instead includes the dent in the lift gate door that only had paint damage in the new damage. I did have my step-dad contact them to come out and explain this quote to us but they refused and hung up on us. I am not asking them to pay for previous damage only, new damage. Can anyone please advise me if this is correct or am I being scammed?

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