I am here as a blogger and also an advertiser, I do not side with anyone who is but this is reality.
Sorry for the bloggers earlier when less pleasing. but I also never be the advertiser, so I wrote this for the advertiser. 

Indonesia advertising world's most crowded in governance is a PPC (not necessary in jelasin what it is PPC).
Immediately wrote my advice for the advertiser if you want to choose a place to promote merchandise or something like choose PPC the best of the best ..
Question ....... "PPC in Indonesia is the most trusted ......??????????????????????"
if you want to know the answer, maybe it will not have me answer.
but you can know that answer in a way that is very easy.
create a simple blog, keep you register to the network of advertisers that you want to advertise your ad (maksudkkan. .???)
Place an ad from them (managers PPC / penjaring advertiser / whatever his name)
after the advertisement is attached, try your OWN CLICK ADVERTISING THAT, of course, with a variety of ways and tricks tricks outsmart PPC.karena ads are still many local and international PPC system is weak, so it can still be hacked.
That tips the most telling in my opinion, it is difficult to practice if you are not a blogger or webmaster who is quite experienced ... hehe ....
My advice ... PPC choose a trusted world that is google his PPC. although google still be in the hack, but the risk of the bloggers banned for cheating is very high. probably could only survive 1 / 2 years definitely banned. even 1 week immediately banned.
but if the local PPC, you will see for yourself and pick out their own. thank you,, may NOT be useful.
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