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Driving The car will feel comfortable, if air conditioning (AC) works perfectly. It has become a necessity especially big city like Jakarta when cold air conditioning breaks down or not, the situation was so completely wrong window when opened, security problems, dust and fumes will go, but if it is closed the room will feel hot and stuffy, interference with the air conditioner is usually due to lack of maintenance. The following tips can help you do the treatment before the condition AC AC itself become damaged:


Always keep your cabin clean from dust and dirt. Especially the 2 pieces of carpet in front because it will be sucked into the evaporator (humid) that resulted in mold and spores is not good for health, and which cause unpleasant odors when first turned on the AC.


When washing the car, open the hood and spray water on the fast AC Condensor (which looks like a radiator and is usually located in front of the radiator), dirt or dust will harden if left can lead to corrosion or porous so that a leak in the condenser.


Selecting a shady parking lot when parking the vehicle in a long time, because if in hot places usually fit the driver inside, the room is hot enough and the resulting need a long cooling process. In addition, the cooling load as the car runs too high.


Perisalah ExtraFan (fans) who are living in front Condensor when Ac is turned on. If not immediately replace, will result in compressor damage or hose high press could explode.


Do not smoke in the car because the fumes can contaminate Evaporator nicotine sticky and slimy and unpleasant smell and hard to lose.


Do not maximize the air-conditioning loads when the vehicle sped by lowering the temperature.


Before you start the engine turn off the AC first, after a new stable machine turn on the AC. Vice versa, first turn off air conditioning if you want turn off the engine.


Do not wear perfume fragrances that quality is less clear, would cause the smell and hard to clean. And do not wear fragrances models plug into the grill cause frequent fractures. (Because some difficult Grill can be purchased in the market).


If any unusual symptoms such as less cold air conditioning had better get to the repair shop car ac specialist, so as not already broken which resulted in high costs.


Perform routine maintenance AC. It is highly recommended once a year, which need to be replaced Receiver Dryer, Compressor Oil, services Blower, Evaporator, Condensor drain and Freon. Routine maintenance in addition to extending the function of components of the AC is longer, will also make fresh air blowing is always fresh.
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