Ac Car Maintenance Guide

The role of AC in the car may not be considered important by some people, because without air conditioning, cars can still be driven. But in terms of comfort, air conditioning play a very important car. Moreover, in Jakarta a hot and jammed it. To function properly, and not spend budget car maintenance, follow these practical guidelines:

Always keep your cabin clean from dust and dirt.

Dust that is left to linger in the cabin will be sucked evaporator (air entry channel) AC. Over time, dust will accumulate and clog the evaporator. As a result, cold air was inhibited and there was condensation (rust) on the AC line

Note the gap between the window and the rubber door that did not tertutut meeting.

This condition can cause dirt and dust enter freely.

Do not smoke in the car

Because cigarette smoke can contaminate the air conditioner.

Do not maximize the AC load

By lowering the temperature when the vehicle speeding.

Perform routine maintenance AC. If still in good condition, you just add freon, compressor oil and replacing a sponge / foam circulation of air conditioning vents. At the time of checking, notice whether there was a leak in the compressor, tube and hose AC. If yes, handle it immediately.

Before the drive, turn on the car engine first, then turn on the AC.

When heating the car, do not turn on the AC. This step is done for lubricating the engine to work optimally in advance. If the AC is turned on when heating, automatic engine speed rises, so burdening the machine work that has not been optimal.

It is advisable to perform air conditioning service to the workshop every six months.

This is better than letting the damage in a long time. Because this can make more money spent large considering the damage could spread to other parts.
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