Windows 7 emerges the winner of the Operating System trade

In 2006 Microsoft, the Operating System giant launched the next in the series of its Operating Systems which was very differently named "Windows Vistas". Unlike its earlier counterparts "Windows 98" or "Windows 2007", it was not only the name devoid of numbers which was different; Vistas was also hoped to take the crowds by masses. Though Vistas had a great utility and was highly appreciated by the critics, it bombed badly; and the result? The sales of Microsoft Operating systems came dwindling down.

But Microsoft did not sit quietly and got down to improvisation. Last year in 2009, Microsoft came out with yet another addition to its Operating System chain and in October; "Windows 7" was launched. As a goodwill gesture, Microsoft offered its customers to replace Vistas for Windows 7 in every computer purchased in 2009; all free of cost. Windows 7 was hoped to do what Vistas could not and true to its image, Windows 7 has emerged as the fastest selling Operating System of all times.

More than 240 million copies of Windows 7 have moved off its shelf in the first year since its launch which has won it this accolade, "the king of the OS trade". All this has helped Microsoft to record profits despite a dip in the computer sales growth.

Though more players like Apple and Linux have entered the Operating System market but Microsoft can still boast about having a 90 per cent market share. With many customers shifting to Windows 7; 89 per cent of the companies are also planning to use Windows 7. That, in spite of the fact that companies and offices generally do not upgrade as quickly as individuals due to the testing time and security costs involved.

Microsoft was not an investor's pet so far this year. However a rise of 3.4 billion pounds in its first quarter profits as compared to the same period last year is hoped to change the scene. Various indices like the American Customer Satisfaction Index have shown that the customer satisfaction for Microsoft has experienced an upward jump and Windows 7 is stated as one of the key factors.

Available at $80 for a simple upgrade and $320 for the top-of-the-range ultimate edition; Windows 7 has truly emerged as a king. It seems like a long time before Microsoft even thinks of bringing out a new kin to its range of Operating Systems.
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