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Recent abuses have been directed at Optimum7.com in an effort to deceive our current and prospective clients and to weaken our good name. The tactic? A fraudulent negative review posted at various sites that carry enough traffic to allow the attempt to go viral in a few days. The defrauder? Who knows? Certainly not one of our clients; that we know for sure. A disgruntled ex-employee maybe? It's possible; all businesses are vulnerable to those. What's the solution? Well luckily we know quite a bit about what to do since we've been providing Reputation Management Services to our clients for years, and we know how to spot a spammer and worse when we see one. In fact, we'll share a couple of our proven strategies with you.
Here's a list of To-Do's if some imposter tries to dirty the name of your honorable business:

1) Confront the reviewer head-on by responding directly to the negative review – on the website it was posted. This shows your business' reputation is valuable to you and that you are willing to address legitimate complaints. In the same vein, openly ask the "reviewer" to contact your company directly to resolve any alleged issue they have with you.
2) Don't forget to contact the site where the fraudulent review was posted and explain the nature of the review. Explain exactly how you know this to be the case; it is important that the website recognizes your honesty and integrity. Ask them to remove the negative review due to its inaccuracy or outright falsehoods, explaining how you can tell it was purposefully posted to hurt the reputation of your company.
Unfortunately, the grim reality is that due to real-time blog updates, whether through individuals or through content management systems like WordPress, as well as tools like RSS feeds, the ramifications of a single false negative review can mean that spurious information about you and / or your company can turn up on hundreds of pages in a matter of days. Malicious competitors know that websites will simply pick up a negative review, sham or not, to post as new content in the normal maintenance of their site. Then it becomes even harder to remove defamatory, inaccurate reviews about your company.  But not having a Reputation Management Strategy can really hurt your business and drive a good deal of your market share to malicious competitors who are willing to tell outright falsehoods through counterfeit reviews about you, in order to drive down your hard earned reputation.
Optimum7.com is well equipped to protect and defend both ourselves and your company against these charlatans and their malicious tactics. We don't advise that any company leave their good name vulnerable. It's a lot of man hours to constantly look out for these kinds of attacks; but if you're blissfully unaware about how your competition or others are trying to hurt you, you might get a nasty surprise negatively affecting your business. Optimum7 has always been vigilant at both detecting and guarding against these predators. Our Reputation Management Services keep us ready to defend ourselves and any client seeking our expertise. Contact us if you are experiencing a reputation crisis online, we can help.

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