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If you are running a small local business in say, "Louisville, KY" and you want to know how to get it ranked in search engines then you are in the right place. Of course you don't have to be in Louisville, just substitute your location. In this article we are going to discuss local marketing and getting your business found so you can get more leads.

Local marketing is a way of getting a web presence and promoting your business. Yet many businesses go online and fail to see any benefit from their investment. Many businesses simply do not have the information and understanding either to promote their website or find suitable companies to do it for them.

Here is a key point: as you make your web pages be sure to include your address on every page, perhaps in the footer so it is natural looking. The reason for this will be seen later in the article.

Keywords are at the heart of any web marketing campaign. Keywords are the terms or questions that searchers type into the search engines in order to find your website. Your site content and the terms you are using in headlines and titles need to match up with this. There are several things to note about the keywords, 1st that they are being used by searchers and second that you can compete for them.

The first thing about keywords is, are they really keywords? We often assume that the way we think to find our site is good, but is it? You need to find out for your business what people are using to try to find you. You can do this with the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. To use it, you sign up for a free AdWords account with Google and then the tool is yours to use. This article does not cover it's use but you can Google "using Google AdWords Keyword Tool" and find great references to it.

Combine these keywords with your city name, a suburb name, all sorts of Geo-Identifiers and publish information on your site and on the web. In each piece of content be sure to include your business name, address, city, state, phone, and website URL all listed in the same order, for example:

My Business

12345 My Street

Any-city, Any-State 55555


Include this in any content you make for your business, pages, articles, press releases, external feeder sites. Be sure to also use Geo Location words combined with your keyword to associate your business function with your city for example: Louisville Attorney, or Louisville Roofer.

Now go to Google places (use Google to find it) and setup an account. Put in all the pictures and videos that you can (you can add them later if you need to). The most important thing is put your business name, address, city, state, phone, and website exactly the same way that you have already done.

Google lets people review you, so get some customers to log into Google accounts and review you. Be sure they include your business name, address, etc, just like above, exactly the same way. Start getting 1 or 2 reviews a week and keep adding over time.

This is the heart of how to build your local presence. There are many more details and little things that are also important but this is the base of it all.

Local marketing means building online presence and branding, you can make your company stand out. Louisville Marketing Labs can add the secret sauce and bring more customers to your door and improve your online presence. I invite you to visit and find out more.
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