How Do I Start a Blog? A Quick and Easy Beginner's Guide to Blogging for Money

Creating your first blog is a surprisingly simple process but it can make you a sizable income for the rest of your life. This article will share with you some simple steps you need to follow to start your own money making blog from scratch even if you're a beginner who has little to no internet experience.

The first step you need to take to start your first blog is to come up with the perfect blog topic. Remember that your entire career as a blogger will center around whatever your blog's focus is so make sure you put some thought into this step. There are three main categories that I would recommend that will just about guarantee your blog's success. They are: health/fitness, money/finances, and love/relationships. If you choose a topic within one of these three markets, you'll never have to worry about finding customers.

Next, you'll need to decide on a name for your blog. This is easy once you've chosen your topic. You want to make sure your title says something about your blog, so don't choose some obscure name that means nothing to your visitors. Furthermore, you want to make sure the title of your blog is memorable enough that your visitors can find it again if they want to. So pick something that's relatively short and sweet.

Finally, you're ready to actually create and build your blog. Believe it or not, this is the easiest step of all even though it's the one that intimidates people the most. If you register your blog with a web host that offers one-click blog installation (and almost all of the big companies do these days), then you could have your blog set up and ready to make you money in a matter of seconds.

Creating a money-making blog should be simple but many people find the process difficult and confusing. If you want to learn how to set up your very own blog for free, sign up for my Make Money Blogging Challenge today!

The Challenge provides step-by-step instructions and ongoing personal support and assistance and is 100% free for a limited time. Sign up and rise to the challenge today!

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