Do not use AC power adapter other than the equipment used for the camera

as not to damage the shell, the shell destroyed, there will be issues such as electromagnetic radiation to strengthen and affect the stability of the notebook. If the shell damage, try to fix it. Open appearance, open the shielding layer, it is best to first check the welding foot, to the naked eye, the circuit intermittent, usually bad.

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(5) Check whether the inductance capacitance resistance problems, such as capacitors appear drum kits, the best change in time, so as not to stay hidden. Power system failure, you can follow the following troubleshooting flow chart for repairs. Please use the Fuji factory power adapter AC-3V/AC-5V, other than with AC-3V/AC-5V AC power adapter, you may damage your digital camera.

1. The AC power adapter for indoor use only.
2. The power plug securely into the FUJIFILM Digital camera DC input port.
3. The power cord from the FUJIFILM Digital camera DC input pull out before you turn the camera off. Unplug the power cord, grasp the plug slowly pull parts. Do not pull the cable directly.
4. Do not use AC power adapter other than the equipment used for the camera.
5. Use, the AC power adapter will be very hot. This is normal.
6. Do not remove the AC power adapter. Otherwise, may be dangerous.
7. Do not hot, humid environment using AC power adapter.
8. Do not make a strong impact by the AC power adapter.
9. AC power adapter may be issued in the course of buzz. This is normal.
10. If used near a radio, AC power adapter may cause static electricity. If this happens, the camera and radio to maintain a certain distance. (** Occasionally, DC output will be subject to internal protection circuit. If this happens, please unplug the AC power outlet from the power adapter, wait a while before re-insertion. DC output will return to normal
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