Taskmang Dell laptop battery control circuit problem

on the Dell laptop battery control circuit problem:
Dell laptop battery as far as I know not their own production is about supporting and barebones OEM production. Dell's standard battery must be a control circuit, which is about 18650 public version of the battery design, just not as many tricks IBM laptop battery, but the use should be safe.
IBM laptop battery ones that I thought it was chicken threat, such as the IBM X-series rechargeable battery can be set to start value. The more complex system, the more unreliable. Work done in a more and those who control that stubble? With the IBM people, there are several really good fun to play books? But the battery price is 3-4 times more expensive than ordinary. . .
With the other home for fear of consumer batteries, IBM identified, the control circuit, so that other stores in the IBM laptop battery does not take, changing batteries does not work, a change batteries, the control circuit to lock. IBM is really shameless of this behavior can be called. . . Battery Laptop Battery
One State Solution of people every day thinking about how to laptop battery for IBM after the lock core, as though there is now no reliable method to unlock an open, useful record of successful IC flash rewrite the record for the core, but not universal and reliable method .
IBM and Toshiba have used this trick to the problem is the battery, IBM laptop battery are high in such a high cost on the preventive measures. . .

2 batteries for Dell laptop battery problem:
Computer City's "professional for the core staff", often do this, but they will never use batteries Dell laptop batteries than good. . .
When wiring batteries, in principle, to rely on spot welding spot welding, and that equipment is not expensive, it also a few thousand dollars. No spot welding is also doubtful, scratched with a blade connection points on batteries, is also doubtful with a ferrochrome welding. But be careful to use, and solder easily. Dell battery should be able to change batteries, because it is more practical control circuit of the.
18650 is the most common. Want to change batteries can also be, provided that your batteries are really original, not a small factory south of filling their own play, and then print an original logo. Its way, might as Alley domestic batteries. But it was the problem, some of the large southern plant batteries batteries not enter the market, almost Japanese businessmen package.
Therefore, the Japanese origin of the new emphasis on the market of batteries is very doubtful. More emphasis on their identity, that identity of the more suspicious.

3, Dell laptop battery charging problem:
All rechargeable batteries have a feature in the initial charge is constant current charging, the battery voltage is low, control the charging current, not too much current. In the nearly full when the battery is a constant voltage, control voltage is not too high. 80% of the battery is constant current charging process of completion. When the battery voltage reaches the set value, the charging circuit is automatically disconnected.
Charging and discharging, the batteries may overheat, the control circuit may even feel the heat in the case of the circuit. So there is no control circuit for the lithium battery charging case is a dangerous thing.
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