Change the shape of a variety of laptop battery

Change the shape of a variety of laptop battery

Although there is little lithium-ion battery memory effect nickel-cadmium batteries, memory effect is the principle of crystallization, in the lithium battery is almost not produce this reaction. However, lithium-ion battery capacity after repeated charge-discharge will continue to decline, its causes are complex and diverse. Mainly positive and negative changes in the material itself, from the molecular level, the positive and negative electrodes of lithium ion on the hole to accommodate the structure will gradually collapse, clogging; from the chemical point of view, is the passive activity of positive and negative material, there's the other side to form a stable compounds. Cathode material physics will appear gradually falling off, etc., in short, can ultimately reduce the battery charging and discharging process of free movement of lithium-ion number.

Over-charging and over-discharge, lithium-ion batteries will cause permanent damage to the positive and negative, from the molecular level, can be intuitively understood, excessive discharge of carbon anode will lead to excessive release of lithium ions and makes it appear lamellar structure collapsed, over- Rechargeable lithium-ion will too hard to go into negative carbon structure, and makes some lithium-ion can no longer be released. This is also why the lithium-ion batteries are usually equipped with charge and discharge control circuit of the reasons.

Not suitable for the temperature, the internal lithium-ion battery will trigger the reaction of other chemical compounds that we do not want to see, so many positive and negative electrodes for lithium ion batteries with protection of temperature between the membrane or electrolyte additives. In the case of the battery to a certain temperature, the composite membrane electrolyte membrane hole closed or degeneration, increased battery internal resistance until the circuit, the battery will not heat up, make sure battery temperature is normal.

And deep charge-discharge lithium-ion battery can increase the actual capacity of it? According to statistics, it is meaningless. The first three all the so-called charge-discharge using the "activation" is not necessary, but why many people of deep charge-discharge capacity after the Battery Information in the label will change it? Will be mentioned later. Dell Latitude D620 battery Dell Latitude D630 battery

Notebook computer lithium-ion batteries are generally with management chip and charge control chips. Management chip in which a series of registers, there is capacity, temperature, ID, charge status, and discharge times and other values. These values are in use will gradually change. Personally, I think, for use in notebook computers in the "use of one month after the full charge-discharge should be a" major role approach is to fix these registers should be properly value, making the battery charge control and battery nominal capacity consistent the actual situation.

Second, they plan and avoid pressing the mouse Battery Laptop Battery
As you know well, "books" is nothing more than a mouse, there are two, one is pressure sensitive, the other touch-screen, both have their advantages and disadvantages, pressure sensitive action is simple, move the pointer the entire range of desktop, but many people to grasp how much pressure should be not the best, and some people just learning to hold the computer to use as a mechanical mouse, so too early to pressure very slowly. The touch-screen surface is a layer of hair like PVC material, the use of the process, if the finger is dry, move the pointer not working and should be minimal. Many people deal with this situation is to exert oneself wipe with a beat, while also, according to this long-term trend continues, not only scratch the surface, but also the mouse is no longer flexible. The best way is: a soft reduction light before the action, the latter should always use a soft cloth (eyeglasses cloth) surface, use a number of slightly moist to the fingers, so that reduces the friction, but also allows you to move freely .
Third, the screen bogey free "ground wiping"
Screen is reflected by the main man-machine dialogue, it allows you to monitor the computer's every move in real time. But the LCD screen from the form and decided she is more fragile, especially the surface. Users often while working his mouth words, there will be surface blemishes, some users will be hard to love the beginning, you can not wave a few big hands will be, directly erase. In this inadvertently, they will scratch the screen, the first phenomenon is not obvious, course of time, there will be color, brightness and other physical characterization, and some scratches. The best way is: use a clean soft cloth with some of the neutral stimulus is neither oily nor wipe the display surface of the liquid, then dry with a soft cloth dry.

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