Brother LC61 Printer Cartridges

The Bro LC61 cartridges have a exclusive layout, arrive along with 3 other colour sets namely magenta, yellow and cyan and boast higher high quality prints. An economical option, these sets of cartridges represent worth for funds. Distinctive layout As part of our Twin cartridge review we found that these LC61 cartridges come with a exclusive style element. There is a spring catch located on the front part of these cartridges. Features and specifications The Twin LC61 cartridges come with roughly 14.6 ml comprising ink. This dye based ink yields around 450 pages at around 5% of coverage. Price The sibling LC61 cartridges have a market value of close to 27 dollars but you can easily get the compatible cartridges for around 6 to 7 dollars. The compatible cartridges work just as fine if not better than the Bro LC61 cartridges accessible in retail stores. Other characteristics As part of our definitive Sibling ink cartridge assessment we found that these cartridges create very vivid prints and substantial high quality print output. The specially created formula for the ink helps produce graphics and prints, which are ozone resistant as well as resistant to light fading action. All of these Twin LC61 cartridges have undergone rigorous testing inside the Brother laboratories plus the presence of a high viscosity and consistent printer ink produces ink flow without any clogs and which is effortlessly regulated in circulation. When it comes to the multifunction peripherals of Twin, the ink is anti-smearing in nature. Specifications The Twin LC61 assortment of cartridges comes with three colour sets namely cyan, yellow and magenta. The average page yield is roughly 500 pages along with a coverage spanning 5%. The recyclables nature of those cartridges is just not seen as both pre-consumer at the same time as post-consumer recycling isn't accessible from the manufacturer. Each pack of these Sibling ink cartridges comes in 3 colors. The approximate weight of these cartridges is approximately 0.600 pounds and also the unit of measuring is in PK. The standard black ink version of the Sibling LC61 is ideal for Bro printer models for instance DCP-585CW, DCP-165, MFC-250C, DCP-385C, MFC-290C, MFC-5490CN, MFC-490CW, MFC-6490CW, MFC-5890CN too as MFC-990CW model versions. The respective model numbers including LC61C, LC61Y and LC61M are for the cyan, yellow and magenta versions of your colored Bro printer cartridges. Our verdict Overall, the Cousin LC61 version of cartridges is superior and provides solid performance. The specially produced ink formula guarantees exceptional print excellent and graphics, which do not fade in the presence of light or ozone exposure. In addition, the typical pricing of your cartridge per ml is close to 46 or 47 cents, which will not be a lot. Thus, these Twin LC61 cartridges are price efficient and create excessive high quality of graphics at the same time as prints. The cartridges also guarantee a long shelf life simply because with the even ink movement and distribution of ink across the page, which lends a uniform print top quality.

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